Suite Owners Booking Protocol

For Suite Owners bookings, please contact Tracy Hoff on +27 (0)44 302 3313 or email

The owner has the right to use or occupy the section free of consideration for 30 (thirty) nights in each calendar year.

Terms of use of 30 days

- Occupation can be either personally or through any invitee of the owner
- Suite owners can, by special arrangement, request to book multiple sections during the same time in lieu of more nights being allocated
- Must give at least 120 days prior notice
- If less than 120 days’ notice given, then booking will be confirmed only if projected occupancy is less than 85%
- A minimum of 2 days’ notice is required for any booking
- No more than 7 nights per suite owned can be booked during peak season
- No more than 20 nights at a time will be available for use to all suite owners during the Peak and Season periods
- If booking is cancelled less than 60 days prior to the first day of intended use, no rental is payable
- We will endeavor to accommodate suite owners in their own suites if it is available
- A daily occupied fee for the use and enjoyment of the amenities offered by the Hotel of R125 per person per night (with an annual escalation rate equal to C.P.I.) will be charged and offset against rental income


  • Peak periods are over December, Christmas holidays from 14 December 2018 - 06 January 2019 (Festive Season), Easter and during the Knysna Oyster Festival (6 – 15 July 2018).

VNL Money Vouchers

Vouchers can be used as payment towards:
- Accommodation at Best Available Rate
- Food & Beverage
- Mint Wellness Spa

Vouchers are valid at the following VNL properties:
- The Bay Hotel, Camps Bay
- Camps Bay Retreat, Camps Bay
- Harbour House Hotel, Hermanus
- The Farmhouse Hotel, Langebaan
- Pezula Resort Hotel & Spa, Knysna

- Accommodation bookings with VNL money vouchers will be accepted under the following conditions:
- Booking will only be confirmed if projected occupancy is less than 85 % (eighty five percent) at the time of booking.
- Not available during peak periods.
- Voucher expiration dates are up until August 2021

Privileges Enjoyed During your Stay

- 10% discount of Food & Beverage at Pezula Hotel
- 35% Discount on Spa Treatments at Pezula Spa for Suite Owners
- 25% Discount on Spa Treatments at Pezula spa for Suite Owners guests
- Up to 50% Discount on hotel stays once allocated nights are depleted
- 50% Discount on venue hire for any function booked at Pezula Hotel
- 40% discount on golf fees at Pezula Golf Course
- Designated parking in front of the hotel when visiting

Other Suite Owner Privileges

- Access to exclusive discounts at sister properties
- All Suite Owners qualify as members of VNL Leisure Club and enjoy instant access to amazing experiences at the best rates
- RCI exchange by special arrangement

Should you require further information, please visit the website on